Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Sheep Talk

I decided to take a break from posting about how to grow the Spiritual Fruits for now. There is a phase when organising is the key and head shepherds should be guiding each herd and make sure everyone can follow especially if Church merging is happening.

I am posting this in sheep’s language. Baa baa baa.

Kidding aside, this means I want to place myself in a sheep form and not in a shepherd form. Do you get that? What I mean is that I am sharing my perspective as a member and not as a leader this time.

Well, maybe it is easy for me because I have sworn my faithfulness to the leadership of my husband because he is an associate pastor. I go where he goes. Baa baa baa.

Here are the things that I suggest to be able to cope up with the church merging:

( Click here to read the rest of the blog entry at RJC website .)

Monday, November 04, 2013

The Loving-Kindness Challenge

I’d like to begin by saying that being kind is not rocket science. You can teach a kid to give and say nice things to her friends. I know if my daughter say and do things just because I asked her to. We can be easily kind to those who are kind to us actually.

I think the challenge is to be consistent to sow that loving-kindness fruit to other people especially towards the unlovable. A human heart is deceitful. We say things and.. ( Click here to read the rest of the blog entry at RJC website .)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Funny Thoughts About Hate

People can hate you in various funny reasons:

-you're fat,
-you're slim,
-you wear red or pink lipstick (because she wears orange?),
-you're a really good singer,
-you only play instruments,
-you can sing and play an instrument/s,
-you're pretty/handsome,
-you're gullible,
-you're too smart,
-you're too quiet,
-you're too loud,
-you're always in social networks,
-you're inactive in social networks,
-you walk differently,
-you speak differently,
-you're too friendly,
-you're too shy,
-you post NIV in your social media accounts,
-you post KJV only because the rest of the versions are evil,
-you're an immigrant,
-you're a local,
-you're a newbie,
-you've been there for a long time,
-you're too Christian,
-you're too worldly,
-you're clingy,
-you're distant,
-you coloured your hair,
-your hair is too straight or too curly,
-you wear make-up,
-you don't wear make-up,
-you're too girly,
-you're too manly,

The list goes on. It's awesome that God see things way too differently from us. He is LOVE. <3

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Generation Y Patience

Patience as the Fruit of the Spirit is probably the most challenging fruit to sow and reap by my generation, the Generation Y.

We, who are also called the Millennials, are more likely to be sceptical of religious institutions mainly because of trauma and family dysfunction. We also grew up in the period when Digital Technology started to flourish. Food became instant and a microwave became a household necessity. The entertainment industry was affected by the Internet and as music marketing became more segmented to rock, pop rock, hard rock, slow rock, party, party rock, dance pop, country, country rock, etc.

We are very out-spoken if we believe in God or not. We are skilful to divert our attention from reality to dream land or vice versa. We can be so diverse in our food choices and most importantly.. (Click here to read the rest of the blog entry at RJC website.)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tranquillity of the Mind

Merriam-Webster defines PEACE as follows:
- a state of tranquillity or quiet as freedom from civil disturbance;
- a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom (a breach of the peace);
- freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions;
- harmony in personal relations;
- a state or period of mutual concord between governments;
- used interjectionally to ask for silence or calm or as a greeting or farewell.

There is something uniquely special why peace is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Sure we can love, we express genuine joy but having tranquillity in all things also reflects a Christ-centred life.(Click here to read the rest of the blog entry at RJC website)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seriously Happy

Many of us can falsify happiness with many diversions to control our sorrow. We tend to keep the real condition of our hearts perhaps due to being afraid of embarrassment or because we are too proud to deal with our grief. Others also think that being sad is just for the weak and they keep themselves busy or some people resolves to be more talkative to cover up their burden. The most upsetting cover up I can think of is being angry and worst is to declare that it is an acceptable kind of anger.

Many years back, I remember covering all up my burdens and it became normal for me to deal with my sorrow instantly with anger. I thought being angry can get everything I want accordingly. Well, there are some things we really can not learn in school but has to be learned in life. (Click here to read the rest of the story at RJC Website).

Friday, July 12, 2013

On Being Generous

The Self Introduction

So here we go. I think it’s been a long time since I contributed for an organisation. This reminds me of myself in a college paper and a local church newsletter only that this will be published online. I am the wife of Pastor Teddy, a mum to Vianca and a friend to many. I work as an Administrative and Communications Officer. Writing for me is like a passage of my thoughts, and occasionally, my way to reflect on God’s love in the mundane of life. I hope my contribution will certainly edify and will not create any whirlpool of gossips or whatsoever. Yes, I write candidly but honestly from the bottom of my heart. You might find yourself laughing and crying a little surprisingly by a simple soul. Also, I aspire to edify the Church in obtaining the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Please feel free to leave your comments. Any expression of gratitude is welcomed but a violent feedback may take some weeks for me to reply. To the leadership and staff of RJC Church, thank you for this opportunity.

A Generous Church

I’d like to share something obvious to where the direction of our church is heading. (Click here for the rest of the story at RJC Website).